Finman Financial

We are a 100% virtual practice. Time is money and we are happy to save you time on meetings. We utilize technology to meet via skype, gotomeeting, join.me, or any other virtual meeting software you prefer.

We have the capability to help businesses set up bookkeeping using Quickbooks Online. The beauty of Quickbooks online allows you and anyone in your company to access your company's books anytime anywhere. We can help train anyone on your staff in using those books in a short time so that your business can continue bringing in a profit with ease and efficiency.

We also provide outsourced bookkeeping services so you can entrust us with accurate accounting for your business activities.  

We also provide outsourced CFO services so you can have the benefit of our financial expertise without the exorbitant cost. Our CFO services include monthly phone calls where we review and help you understand your company's financial standing, your accounts receivable, cash projection, work in process, and budget reports. Our focus is on how we can improve your business metrics so you can enjoy the profits of your labor.

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